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More or less some general updates, pre- what I hope will be a (positively) eventful month. My anxiety's been pretty bad since I went off my meds a couple weeks ago. The brain zaps are finally letting up and I'm starting to think a little more clearly. I don't know if it's necessarily the right decision considering the shit spiral my life is in right now, but it's something that I had to do, considering the whole reason I went back on my meds was because it was something the Brit pressured me into at the time and I believe my anxiety was more to do with him than with anything else. Call it an experiment. 

Currently struggling to figure out how the hell people have free time for anything or anyone with a full-time job. :faint: I started blackjack training a week and a half ago and my schedule has been insane. Worked six days straight (mostly mornings starting at 10, but with a couple odd night slot shifts thrown in) and to top it off, yesterday I got suckered into a 14-hour day due to sick calls (virus going around... great news since I'm only now recovering from bronchitis). Had to grab a few after work at the bar downstairs and didn't make it to bed until 6am. Talk about a long day. When I'm not doing something work-related, I feel pressured to do "productive adult things" like laundry and "spending time with parents" and once all that is through, it doesn't leave much for anything else. Have been blowing off steam with MG more than I probably should for a casual situation, but it's the only thing time I feel relaxed right now. Also, we started watching Daredevil and I'm stoked. 

About blackjack! Training is going pretty well. We are learning a variety of table games -- Three Card Poker and Blackjack for now, probably Fast-Action Hold 'Em and possibly Paigow this week. It's a job with surprisingly high skill demand. Manual dexterity for chip and card handling, rapid number recognition and math skills, intense memorization, ability to work under time limits, not to mention basic customer service. Makes my current job look easy. I've got so much respect for dealers now. :worship: And I'm very excited to join their ranks. It may not be a film job, but I've always been fascinated by cards (funny how I'm a completely shit gambler) and if I stick with it, I can get a card suit tat one day and THAT will be awesome. :lol: And if/when I move, I can work in any casino and never have to worry about shitty retail/customer service jobs ever again. 

I'm trying to think about LIZARDBOY again, since I fell off the creative rails in March. I'd like to dive into pages, but I need to write my treatment first. That is one mistake I will not make again. When I start this novel this time, I AM going to finish it. 

I'm hoping to receive some sort of good news this month. Should hear from CFC in the next week (if it's good news, my friend who went through the program tells me they may actually fly me out to TO for the group interview) and possibly a company I may be doing script work for in Toronto. I'll check in with NGN again by the end of the month and see if they're getting anywhere as well. It's difficult to get into writing again when it feels like the industry has been sucking me dry and I've barely got my foot in the door yet. 

At the end of all this, all I want is a week to myself where I tell everyone else to fuck off and I'm just allowed to veg and play video games. :lmao: 

Got my sleeve finished last week. Once it gets through its flaky phase, I promise I'll post fancy pics. Unfortunately might not be too soon because I got raped by a mutant spider a few days ago and my belly and UNDER MY ASS CHEEK are covered in grotesque bites. I have been perpetually unimpressed. Especially with the ass bites because that shit makes it hurt to walk after awhile. :| Story of my life. 

How are you, beautiful people? 
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Reading: Sophie's Choice - William Styron
  • Watching: Daredevil | House of Cards S3


Alanna Belak
Artist | Literature
My name's Alanna, but people here mostly know me as Snappy.
For that reason, I get a lot of people thinking I'm a man. This, I am not.

I have lived in Calgary, CAN, Vancouver, CAN, and London, UK.
I get a new tattoo every time I move to a new city. It wasn't intentional. It just ended up that way.
I intend to move to many more cities.

As you can tell by looking at my gallery, I used to do traditional and digital art, but I haven't done either in years.
I still do photography, but that is on the backburner while I focus on my writing career.

I am currently a contracted screenwriter for NGN Productions, a company in LA. I won't call myself a "professional" until they pay me on the first day of pre-production.
I have four projects in development right now, including a remake of Orson Welles' The Stranger (1946). I release updates here as I am permitted.

Feel free to add me on Facebook or Twitter! (Just let me know who you are.)…!/shadow0nthesun

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