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I'm sick. Have been since Christmas Eve. :( And I've worked almost every day/night since then. I just need a good long rest. I worked last night and didn't get in til 4:30am. Forced myself to get up before noon so my sleep schedule wouldn't be out of whack. 

No recap this year, because this year was a giant turd stuck in limbo. Sure, there were some good things, but mostly I just want to move on.

January should be busy. Not with work, because I'm not actually booked for any shifts now, since people are no doubt back from holidays. I may get called in for a few, but I'm not expecting much. Can't remember if I mentioned, but I have started a new short-term script reading job. Due to confidentiality, I'm not really allowed to say much about it -- I'll just say I'm reading for a contest and it's a fuck lot of scripts to get through (two or three a day, plus the written feedback). Pay is meh, but good experience. The guy I'm working for has enjoyed my work so much that he's letting me write one of the most advanced Notes packages, usually reserved for senior readers. That's 8-10 pages of solid feedback due this week. Haha. Joy. I'm so tired today. 

Then, of course, I'm continuing to chop away at my short film. It's almost there, but it needs color correction/sound adjustment, all annoying little things that take time. I need to finish it this month, because I intend to apply for the CFC Directing program, which I dunno if I'm good enough for, since I only have one directing sample, but my friend who completed the Feature Writing program thinks that would be a waste of time for me, and I'd only benefit from the Directing or TV Writing (which doesn't open til April). So we'll see. I need to do a lot of work to get the application prepared as well. 

Since I've been ill, I've fallen out of my gym schedule as well, which sucks. I need to get back into it, but I'm just such a wreck physically and mentally right now. I've basically spent every spare moment I've had this week asleep, hoping to recover. 

One cool thing -- I got a floor ticket to see Marilyn Manson in March! :headbang: So stoked for that. I'm going with some people from work. It looks like I'm actually making friends now. :O

And finally, I'm saving all my tip money/spare cash for my tattoo fund. I'm hoping to get a start on my big mythology sleeve by the end of the month! :dance: Yeah, saving money for the future can wait. :bucktooth: 

No real resolutions. I just want to get healthy, get my life together, figure out where I'm going in the next year, and keep from losing my mind. You know, small things. :slow: How about you guys? 
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Alanna Belak
Artist | Literature
My name's Alanna, but people here mostly know me as Snappy.
For that reason, I get a lot of people thinking I'm a man. This, I am not.

I have lived in Calgary, CAN, Vancouver, CAN, and London, UK.
I get a new tattoo every time I move to a new city. It wasn't intentional. It just ended up that way.
I intend to move to many more cities.

As you can tell by looking at my gallery, I used to do traditional and digital art, but I haven't done either in years.
I still do photography, but that is on the backburner while I focus on my writing career.

I am currently a contracted screenwriter for NGN Productions, a company in LA. I won't call myself a "professional" until they pay me on the first day of pre-production.
I have four projects in development right now, including a remake of Orson Welles' The Stranger (1946). I release updates here as I am permitted.

Feel free to add me on Facebook or Twitter! (Just let me know who you are.)…!/shadow0nthesun

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