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Alanna Belak
Artist | Literature
My name's Alanna, but people here mostly know me as Snappy.
For that reason, I get a lot of people thinking I'm a man. This, I am not.

I have lived in Calgary, CAN, Vancouver, CAN, and London, UK.
I get a new tattoo every time I move to a new city. It wasn't intentional. It just ended up that way.
I intend to move to many more cities.

As you can tell by looking at my gallery, I used to do traditional and digital art, but I haven't done either in years.
I still do photography, but that is on the backburner while I focus on my writing career.

I am currently a contracted screenwriter for NGN Productions, a company in LA. I won't call myself a "professional" until they pay me on the first day of pre-production.
I have four projects in development right now, including a remake of Orson Welles' The Stranger (1946). I release updates here as I am permitted.

Feel free to add me on Facebook or Twitter! (Just let me know who you are.)…!/shadow0nthesun

And now, back to our show!

Sat Aug 23, 2014, 8:30 AM

I would like to say that I've returned from Vancouver refreshed and rejuvenated and my laptop is fixed to boot -- but sadly, that is not really the case. I got back last night -- will go into more detail momentarily -- and picked up my laptop today... only to find that I really would have been better off not bringing it to the shop at all. :no: They were able to recover SOME files... like about 200 photos... but they were none of the photos that I needed/wanted, and many of them are corrupt anyway. I didn't get back any of my files EXCEPT about 40gb of random crap that I don't know what to do with. I imagine they're all junk files but I'm wary about deleting it all in case there is something good hiding in there. This is probably more work than just rewriting all of my stuff from scratch. :faint: Plus, my laptop seems more buggy and slow than when I dropped it off! Ugh.

But anyway, VANCOUVER.

I don't think I went into much detail about this trip before I left because I was already depressed and afraid to jinx the drive -- with my sleeping issues and all. But fortunately, I had no trouble sleeping the night before the drive last Friday. Took to the highway all by myself and really quite enjoyed it! It was about a five hour drive all in all. Winding roads through the mountains. 120 km/hr+ most of the way. I blasted by iPod to keep myself awake when things got dull. Would have freaked the shit out of my mother. It was all smooth going until I arrived in Vancouver during rush hour and I swear I burned almost a quarter tank of gas just sitting in traffic. But, eventually I got to my friend Smitty's apartment without getting lost once and settled in on his futon. We headed out to Granville and met up with steppenfreak who came here all the way from sunny England. Did some light bar hopping and wandered the city at night. 

Saturday, after the most delicious eggs Benedict breakfast ever at a 50s diner, I walked to Granville Island and met up with Zainabb, where we wandered the markets and vaguely crashed an outdoors wedding, observing that the groom was WAY older than the bride. Afterwards, we met up with Smitty again, ate dinner at the Cannibal Cafe (soon accompanied by Cody), and tried to get into this nerd bar called Stormcrow's, but it was packed full. Along the way, we witnessed a homeless looking man trying to rob a guy twice his size -- he made off with the bag only to be tackled to the ground, and then the big guy's buddy came along and helped. Soon after, six cop cars pulled up to arrest the one skinny guy. Vancouver PD is hardcore. Instead of Stormcrow's, we would up at this brewery where I enjoyed a few fancy beers and over the night, other former VFSers Holly and Amanda joined us as well.

Sunday, I was supposed to meet up with Gossmann, but she bailed on me, so instead I walked a whopping 7km around Stanley Park with Smitty and ate dinner at a noodle house. It was Topless Equality Day, so we saw four naked breasts. :eyes: If you're into that sort of thing. More hangings with Zainabb afterwards. We watched Godzilla. 

 Monday (and I'm losing track now), I believe was the Emmys, and Smitty hosted a mini party for it... though it was just him, me, Zainabb and his neighbour, Dana. We filled in ballots for funsies and I won. I had to ditch midway through though so meet up with Gossmann because it was the only time she could hang. Got excellent sushi with her and caught up. On my way home, I had the luckiest/most unlucky transit experience -- see, the 99 is a long bus that you can technically get on without paying if you enter through one of the back doors. This is usually not a problem, but I lucked out and had transit cops stop the bus to check for tickets. :fear: BUT, just as I was freaking out, before they got to me, they pulled off about three people from the bus... and left before they could check me! Then, as karma, I missed my bus stop and had to run back through suburbia about 18 blocks while I had to pee really really bad. :| 

Tuesday was a chaotic little day. I went to Capilano with Zainabb for some photo-taking, where we went to the fish hatchery and did soooo much unnecessary walking. I twisted my ankle at one point too. Then on our way back, hilariously, we got pulled over (walking) by a police car because Zainabb matched the description of someone they were looking for! This is because of her blue hair. :rofl: But the cop was easy-going enough and once he checked her ID, we were free to go. Though being arrested would have saved us a lot of walking. So we headed back and got sushi (so much cheap sushi in Vancouver was, of course, AMAZING). Zainabb went off to UBC on her own while I headed back, and we met up again later with Smitty and we took another shot at getting into Stormcrow's again. Stormcrow's, btw, was recently named the #1 bar in Canada. All the drinks on the menu are named about comic book characters and stuff and they provide board games to play during your stay. So luckily, we got in -- Cody and Holly came later. I had a couple fancy cocktails -- The Wolverine and Coffee A La Crow (which provided me with a nifty little take-home mug), then an exciting shot, then drank beer while we played Cards Against Humanity and wound up very drunk by the end. Midnight occurred and it was suddenly Zainabb's birthday! Cody DD'd and we drove around Stanley Park at night and eventually made it home -- Zainabb had to leave for the train station to go to Seattle by 4am so she stayed with us. I was going to walk there, but I was too drunk and tired unfortunately. :bucktooth: But Smitty took excellent care of her. 

Wednesday, naturally, was hangover day. Spent it mostly sleeping and watching Derren Brown (who I'm currently obsessed with). Met up with former classmate Alison for dinner at a cool diner for some catch-ups, though I still felt like crap. 

Thursday, Smitty wanted to get some writing in so I went out with him to a coffee shop and started on some script coverage.... by hand. Ugh. That afternoon, I went over to my former instructor, Kat's house for tea! Where I met her husband and three rambunctious dogs who absolutely love me. I was nervous about the meeting, but it was fun in the end. She provided me with some new names of producers and agents to try as well -- including one guy who comes with a stern warning that should I ever meet him, to never go to his house or car alone with him. :| In case you didn't think Vancouver film industry was sleazy. So I'll have to write some emails when I get my head on straight. 

Friday, leaving day! Went fine until I stopped for gas in the ironically-named Hope. When I tried to start the car again, the engine just kept turning over and whining at me. :| In case you haven't noticed, I have AWESOME luck. So some old guys tried to help my out, but they couldn't work out the problem. They helped me push the car into a parking spot so I was out of the way though. I had to called out a tow truck, and fortunately he worked out that it was a battery problem, gave me a jump and the car started, but he recommended I go to a mechanic to be safe. So he followed me out to the mechanic's, where I sat around with the resident "guard dog" who was actually the friendliest thing ever, while I waited to see if I was ever going to make it home. It was lucky that I stopped by the shop because when I turned my engine off, the battery crapped out again. Anyway, in the end I had to get a new battery, but two hours later I was on the road again just as it started to rain. Rest of the drive went smoothly, minus a vague panic attack I experienced just as I was having a bit of a caffeine crash from Red Bull (obviously the ideal time for a panic attack is when you're on a highway at 130 km/hour). But I chilled out and knuckled through it and made it home in one piece. 

SO ANYWAY. Now I'm faced with my scary To-Do list. 
- Pump out some new coverage because I haven't done anything in over a week
- Contact the people Kat suggested I contact
- Cry a bit over the files I couldn't recover and then figure out what I'm going to do about my scripts, specifically my sci-fi, which I lost all of my notes and planning for
- Actually do some fucking writing for a change 
- Actually go out and do some serious job hunting
- Try not to have a total breakdown while I figure out what I'm doing with my life
- Idk what else because my brain is a blob right now but it will definitely involve catching up on TV and training myself how to type again

I should announce that my handsome ratdog is officially turning 16 tomorrow! That's right.... someone is legal driving age! :party: Clear the roads!

  • Mood: Distressed
  • Reading: The Drowned World - JG Ballard
  • Playing: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

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