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Here's a switch from my last journal!

Moved into a new townhouse about a month ago with MG and his best friend. Here's what the main area looks like: 

2015-11-14 17.18.36 by Snapperz
 2015-11-14 17.18.25 by Snapperz

Then I had a week off this last week, so naturally when it was good time to catch up on some well-needed rest, I got puppy fever and went and scooped up my new girl Freya. I was originally looking at getting a shelter dog, but at the local shelter there were literally zero dogs to adopt. So I was going to look at a husky in Vernon (about 2 hours away), when I saw a Kijiji ad for German Shepard X Husky puppies, and since those are my two favorite breeds, I HAD to stop by. Of course I couldn't leave without one of them once I got there.

She's three months old, and in additional to the shepard/husky, she also has some wolf in her. So she's fucking gigantic already. We already had to swap out the crate you see in one of the photos because she was too big for it. I swear she's already gotten bigger in the last week.   

She's very clever and I plan on attempting to train her to do all sorts of things. She picked up sit very quickly and can jump on and off the bed with the help of a stool and one day, we even caught her opening the front door (so we have to lock it for her :lol: ). She was afraid of all of us her first day here, but she napped with me and promptly became a momma's girl. She listens to the BF better than me sometimes; I think she responds better to males. She follows me around everywhere though. We're trying to slowly get her used to being alone so she doesn't throw a massive fit when we go back to work on Thursday, but I'm still nervous about that; we've put on a recorder while we're out and sometimes she yowls like a banshee. Most of the time, she's very quiet though. She only seems to bark at other GSDs. Yesterday, there was a cat in the alley that GROWLED at her and Freya was the one whining and cowering away. She's such a big mean guard dog. :lol:   

House breaking is a nightmare. We were good about catching her poops early and teaching her to do them outside; she generally does it within five minutes of being outside. Peeing though! We had to put down puppy pads for her and now she's used to them, so I'll walk her for an hour and a half, she'll have her poo, then WAIT and pee the moment we get in, no matter how long we walk for. And she's 30 pounds already so it's kind of tough to lift her up midstream. :no: If anyone has some brilliant ideas, be my guest. I tried crating her right after a walk and she immediately took a whiz right in her crate, contrary to what's I've read online, so that's kind of out of the question. She'll usually whine and I'll get ready, but by the time I have my shoes on, she'll have already done it on the pad or floor. Hrmph. 

Here are pics of the little hellion: 

2015-11-13 13.33.10 by Snapperz
2015-11-14 17.19.49 by Snapperz

Also, because I've been on a spending binge, I bought a PS4 (Uncharted Edition) and have already played through Until Dawn and the first Uncharted. 

Tuesday, I'm getting some touchups done on my sleeve to darken up some patchy spots. 

Thursday, it'll be dentist appointment and then back to work. Next week, I'll be learning how to deal poker as well which is kind of nerve wracking. Usually it's a two week course but they're condensing it into three days because management has problems right now. So yay! :bounce: 
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Alanna Belak
Artist | Literature
My name's Alanna, but people here mostly know me as Snappy.
For that reason, I get a lot of people thinking I'm a man. This, I am not.

I have lived in Calgary, CAN, Vancouver, CAN, and London, UK.
I get a new tattoo every time I move to a new city. It wasn't intentional. It just ended up that way.
I intend to move to many more cities.

As you can tell by looking at my gallery, I used to do traditional and digital art, but I haven't done either in years.
I still do photography, but that is on the backburner while I focus on my writing career.

I am currently a contracted screenwriter for NGN Productions, a company in LA. I won't call myself a "professional" until they pay me on the first day of pre-production.
I have four projects in development right now, including a remake of Orson Welles' The Stranger (1946). I release updates here as I am permitted.

Feel free to add me on Facebook or Twitter! (Just let me know who you are.)…!/shadow0nthesun

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